How to know when you are dying (SPONSORED)

Many people have asked this question countless times, "How do i know when i am going to die". This is a very important question to always ask yourself because you need to know when you will will all your property to wife, family, child or girlfriend, every body needs to know the perfect time to finish their cash and live life to the fullest so they have to know when they are close to their next life.
Scientist have discovered a new hormone in the body that produces heat to the body internally and another hormone which provides heat to the external body like the skin and they are both called Thyroid Philis 1 and 2 respectively. If the hormone which is responsible for providing heat internally dies then it shows that you my friend is close to the grave, and now you need to know how to know when your internal hormone dies (Thyroid philis 1) you will feel cold inside regularly, the best way to know is by checking your urine, if your urine is cold then it is time but if your uri…

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